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Crisis Intrevention

NTCP : Nonviolent Therapeutic Crisis Prevention

CERTIFIED Crisis Intervention that fits the real world. Dennis Dafoe authored this training after over a decade of training and facilitating in the field. This aims to bring professional training that offers a trauma informed foundation and morale building emphasis.


TRADEN will strengthen your abilities to fit your environment.


Sample Debriefs and Incident Reports Included.

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We offer two classes and their refreshers:


Therapeutic Intervention in Crisis


Approx. 6-7 hours

Help your yourself, or/and staff deal with difficult people and dangerous situations.

We teach tactics, principles and practical interventions.

Designed for professional industries who deal with challenging clients.


Including the non-profit staff / volunteers working with unstable, marginalized or traumatized children or businesses who want to better engage their clients and team environments. 

You will become confident in dealing with crisis scenarios.​

Full Description

De-escalation and
Trauma Awareness

Approx. 3-4 hours

This is similar to the TIC course without the physical aspects of Crisis intervention.

You will become confident in dealing with Crisis scenarios through:

- Our C.A.P.E. strategy to troubleshoot work environments

- De-escalate situations from tense situations and even pro-active abilities to stop them from starting!

- Trauma informed practices to help your clients / team have more productive engagement.

Training able to be done online 10% discount

Full Description (Pg 2)




Approx. 1.5-4 hours

The TIC refresher is roughly half of the full course but condenses the program to 4 hours. The physicals aspects are also practiced again.

You will go through highlights of the full TIC Program and keeps your training current while helping you to remain confident in the areas you deal with. ​


The DSKL8 refresher is a condensed version of DSKL8. Highlights of the original class will be focused on as well as troubleshooting.

We will also recognize other Certified Crisis Intervention courses!


Pricing roughly half of the full courses.

Refreshers are recommended every 1-2 years, though maybe desired more frequently.

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