TRADEN was founded by Dennis and Tracy Dafoe, married since January 1993, based out of Calgary they have 4 adult children.


They have forged decades of combined expertise, and thus consulting together over the years has broadened their ability to better help those in need; those dealing with a variety of challenges including recovery, growth, or realigning goals.

Through TRADEN you have behind you professionals that are in no way new to their perspective fields.


You can be assured in your journey to confidence!



Addiction, Relationship Counseling,  Insurance Assessments

Social Work, Commissioner of Oaths, Teacher

Tracy Dafoe, BBC, ICADC, CACII, CCC-AC, (D.O.T /US S.A.P.)


Tracy has over a dozen years experience in counseling and social work fields.

Working in institutions such as The Boys & Girls Club, Siksika, Salvation Army, The Alex, Cannamm Occupational testing Services, and teacher at Reeves College. Clinical Supevisor and Certified in both International and the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation

Dennis Dafoe, ORDMBRS     



Crisis Counseling, Crisis Intervention Specialist,

Church Consulting, Public Speaking, Teacher

Dennis has worked in Church and Non-Profit areas for over 25 year. He has pastored and worked in addictions/crisis in Alberta & Saskatchewan.

Certified in Crisis Prevention for nearly a decade, plus CISM - Victim and Peer, Emergency Intervention, Handcuffing and Security Techniques, as well as Trauma and Dependency Issues, Ordained, and Licensed in Alberta.

Dennis is also currently a Chaplain in a homeless shelter in downtown Calgary.