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We have group and 1:1 counselling by a variety

of specialists among our professional counselling and consultant staff.

Our approach is holistic and we weave

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy),

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy), and  

SET (Spiritual Emotive Therapy).

We respect the 12 Steps.

Occupational Testing Assessments Qualified

We deal with addiction and relapse, grief and loss, faith, spirituality, shame and guilt, trauma and crisis, anger, stress, relationship, conflict, rationality, worth.

We have qualified Staff with degrees and certification In :

Social work, psychology, addiction, trauma, theology, life skills, crisis prevention


- Nonviolent Therapeutic Crisis Prevention (NTCP) Program 

  A requirement for some establishments, and a great idea for almost any  

  professional establishment, Crisis Prevention Training is a certified, specialized

  course (NTCP) and is industry training for de-escaltion skills and non-violent

  options for dealing with threatening situations. 

We have two specialized courses for this area:

- TIC (Therapeutic Intervention In Crisis) 6-7hrs.

- DSKL8 (De-escalate) 3-4 hrs.

Click here for more information.

Class / Counseling Topics: 

  • Self Esteem / Guilt / Shame

  • Grief / Loss / Mourning

  • Faulty Thinking (Rationality) / Decision Barriers (Locus)

  • Addiction / Dependency / Relapse

  • Anger Management / Stress Reduction




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We are able to help you in various special events, whether crisis prevention seminar, spiritual retreat, or professional or personal growth conference.


Public Speaking:

Available as masters of ceremony, seminar speaker, or church/non-profit helps.     

Special music available if desired.


Please see counseling section.


Commissioner of Oaths:

If you need an important document verified. Any other needs a commissioner  can help with; we are able to fulfill this requirement!



We have staff with experienced talent in music to enhance seminar, speaking, church, or non-profit events.


Payment Information:   

Cash, business cheques*, e-mail transfers are accepted.  G.S.T applicable to some services

Counseling - Fees are due and payable at the beginning of each session, unless previous arrangements made.

Training / Seminars - Services are invoiced with payment requested ASAP upon receipt of invoice, unless previous arrangements have been made.

Clergy - Fees are due and payable at each service, unless previous arrangements have been made.                                


*Please make cheques payable to TRADEN - Thank you.


TRADEN's main office is located within a shared space environment with other experts, in the community of Hilhurst - Central NW Calgary. 

But many of our services are at differing locations depending on the need.


Phone # 403-606-6564


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