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Rationality / Locus of Control (1.5 hrs.)

There is little more upsetting than finding out that way we see the world maybe a bit off center, after all, doesn't everyone see it this way? A vast majority of conflict and cycles of struggle come down to Irrational Thinking and Locus of Control.

 Have your mindsets challenged and grow in a humble confidence as you discover options to your outlook.

Shame / Guilt Issues (1.5 hrs.)

Half of some of our battles are either trying deny guilt or wade through shame. Very little has as negative effect to our self-worth than these.

Explore how to decipher theses two issues and come to terms with your value while moving forward in the process of resolution, worth, and forgiveness.  

Grief / Loss Issues (1.5 hrs.)

Another difficult area to face is loss. Grieving over a person, or significant change can be among the most difficult processes a person can deal (or not) deal with.

Come with us as we will aim to flush out the difficult issue(s) and find some healing and strength. ​


Addiction / Relapse Prevention (1.5 hrs.)

When something begins to have a negative impact on our lives, and the ability to stop it is missing, this loss of balance and coping is a dependency issue. This can be debilitating. Drugs are only a portion, even a "good" thing can be addictive.

  We will look at he physiology of the brain and many principles to help end the vicious cycle and tools to help keep it that way. Addiction is not the problem – it's the wrong solution!


Anger / Stress Management (4 hrs.)

Everyone has anger and stress, and depending on our temperament, and background, these are too often a negative part of life instead of a positive challenge. Some surprisingly simple techniques, and some not so simple principles, can bring the turn around. Trauma, Abuse and Crisis issues are covered here as well.



Crisis Prevention click here

FORWARD (3-8 hrs.)

Is a combination of, any selection (of 2 or more) or, all of the above topics into a concise powerhouse toolbox!


ASCENDENT (8 hrs.)

Everyone has faith, though often taken for granted and missed. When we take a serious look we will find a transcendent truth that is closer and more prevailing than we dared guess.

While connecting it to our dependency issues we will go on a journey that surveys the whole area of faith and reality from our beginning to end, and in between, from smallest to largest and throughout, finding new tools and freedom!

Science, Theology, Philosophy all point us to hope!

Inquire to request other similar topics, and courses.

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 Life Issues


​1.5 hr classes $50* |  4 hr classes $150*  |  8 hr classes $300*

*OR other agreed upon terms; Non-Profit, /Church, Seminar and Group discount rates available.

Minimum attendance of SIX for classes required.   Other courses available!

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